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5 Things Every Freshman Forgets

By Jessica Ward

Before you know it, it’ll be college move-in day! It’s an exciting day, but also incredibly hectic. Forgetting must-haves at home (or not even having something on your list!) will earn you a last-minute, stressful trip to the nearest store. Save yourself from the move-in day drama by making sure these 5 essentials are packed in your bags:

1. I.D holder
Your student I.D is basically your key to the city—or, well, the campus. From the dining hall, to your dorm room, to academic buildings and labs after hours, you’ll be using it more than you think. An I.D holder is the best way to make sure you have your I.D on you at all times so you don’t get locked out and have to borrow a friend’s!

2. Bed bug mattress protector
Lots of people have used your “new” bed before. Don’t think about it too much, just get a bed bug mattress protector and move on. Sorry you had to find out this way.

3. Passport
A driver’s license is always necessary, and you probably carry that around with you anyway. But if you want to get a job at school, you’ll need a passport to fill out on-boarding paperwork; not to mention you’ll be glad you have it if your favorite on-campus club is taking an international trip during spring break!

4. HDMI cable
Late Netflix nights in your bed are unmatched after a long week of classes, but sometimes you want to share it! An HDMI cable lets you bring the Netflix party to the common room so you can all catch up on your favorite shows together. A less fun, but equally important reason for a cable is to present— you never know when the classroom’s tech will fail, and you have to put your work up on the screen. It happens!

5. Shower Shoes
Here’s an uncomfortable truth: you’ll likely be sharing a bathroom with an entire floor’s worth of strangers. Do you want your bare feet touching the same floor as them? No? We didn’t think so. Shower shoes will give you peace of mind and save you from all kinds of grossness.

So, that’s our Top 5 – but the list goes on, so here are some honorable mentions. Write these down too if you haven’t already:

  • Ear plugs – what if your roommate snores louder than a jet engine? What if your neighbors are party animals? Better safe than sorry!
  • Stain remover pens – you will think drinking coffee while power-walking to class will work. It won’t. You will need this.
  • Drying rack – not all your clothes can go in the dryer. Plus, you’ll save a dollar if you don’t use the machine dryer! Win-win.
  • One Hawaiian shirt – sounds strange, but is oddly versatile. Got invited to a Tropical themed party? Hawaiian shirt. Need a Halloween costume? Dad on Vacation. Never fails.
  • Beach towel – you’ll be happy you have it on the first warm day after a long winter. The campus green will be filled with lounging students on beach towels, soaking up the sun!

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