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What is College CheckLists?
We are the Off To College community helping Students like you to be prepared for Move In Day. We offer actual college packing lists online making it easy to search, shop and buy the items you will need in your dorm room. To make this all happen, behind the scenes, we work with others – colleges, retailers, manufacturers, campus companies (like us!), and other organizations – to make sure you are ready and successful. 

Who is the CCL community?
You and other college-bound Students getting ready for campus Move In Day.

Is this packing list from my college?
Every checklist is sourced directly from the college. Some schools also add additional information (like what the college provides and what not to bring!) which can be found in the notes section of the digital list, so scroll!

How much does CCL cost?
Nothing. It’s free for you and your college – thanks to our awesome sponsors!

How does CCL work?
We display actual college supply lists on our website. Just find the recommended packing list from your college, check-off any or all items to buy, and then – with just one click – all the items you selected jump into the online shopping cart of Walmart or Amazon where you finish your purchase for delivery. 

How do I get started?
Go to (that’s with an “s” because we have over 2,000+ packing lists!), then use the drop downs for “state” and “college”. Some colleges have more than one actual college packing list, so you may have to select the list that works for you.

Need Help?
Questions about our upcoming “Pin to Move In” promotion? Grab your phone and DM us on College CheckLists Pinterest.

Anything else? We don’t check our phones 150 times a day like you do, but we do check social DM’s 7 days a week, and then on weekdays you can talk to a human 800-644-3561 x 6.

Can I ship items directly to my school?
Check with your college. And, don’t forget to ask for specific instructions for where and when student boxes will be accepted on campus.

What retailers are connected to your one-click list purchase,

What if I have an issue with my order?
When you hit the College CheckLists “buy now” button, your items actually jump into your Amazon or Walmart online cart, so that means you need to contact them about your purchase and delivery.

Why do I need to create an account?
Aaaah, you got the pop-up message inside your college list.  Congratulations, you found our newest feature, the “Organizer Tool”, to help you keep track of your shopping trips.  When you are inside your list, you must have an account to organize your list.

What is the Organizer Tool?
We added a new feature that works inside the packing list to help you stay organized as you plan, shop and pack your items.  After you open (select) your college list and review items, you can select to add items to a status category: “things I have”, “things I need”, “things I want grandma to buy me : ) ”.  

What is a BETA?
It’s the first version of a tech feature available to the public. Since we know you like being first – why don’t you give our Organizer Tool a try?


Join Our Community

Is College CheckLists on social media?
Yes! Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

What do I get if I sign-up for College CheckLists notifications?
You will receive messages about promotions, tips & tricks, and around mid-summer maybe a few helpful reminders to make sure you are ready walking into your new dorm room this fall.

Do I need to do both the sign-up and create an account?
We hope you will do both because signing up for news is different than creating an account to track items with the Organizer Tool.

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